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Applying Eye Shadow

Become a Certified Makeup Artist


Your Passion, Our Expertise.

Welcome to Cosmetology Insights

At Cosmetology Insights, we bring out the best in every student. We are an accredited makeup academy, teaching makeup artistry to people around the world. We are renowned for our excellence in educating professionals who are interested in this exciting career.


Cosmetology makeup courses are delivered entirely online using our advanced training platform. Once enrolled, you’ll gain access to all the curriculum chapters, videos, tests, and makeup assignments associated with your course. Just as important, you’ll receive extensive feedback from our experienced instructors. They will analyze and critique your makeup assignments and provide you with customized guidance and recommendations as well as the tools and beauty products necessary.

Become a Certified Makeup Artist

Learning at Cosmetology Insights will give you much more than a degree or a diploma. When you join us, you’ll enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, countless networking opportunities and many other benefits.

From a hands-on education to opportunities to work alongside top industry professionals, there are countless reasons students choose Cosmetology Insights. Check out our online courses and contact us with questions.

Start Your Dream Career

Build your skills in makeup artistry today!

Student Work

We see great work every day and want to share and inspire other CIs to perfect their craft. Students with exceptional performance also have the opportunity to become CI Makeup Academy Ambassadors!